What Clients Say

~ Dr. Daniel J. A.

I met Attorney Anthony Rosner when he visited my office over 10 years ago. He was personable then and remains the same to this day. I am a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic and I have had the pleasure of working with Attorney Rosner over the years. I have referred numerous patients for legal advice/representation and they have been very pleased with Attorney Rosner’s hard work. He is “The Attorney Who Calls You Back”! If you want your case expedited swiftly and effectively with an optimal settlement – Attorney Anthony Rosner will get the job done!
~ Dr. Daniel J. A.

~ Rich C.

I was recently referred by a friend to Attorney Rosner to help with a complicated custody matter involving my youngest child. Anthony Rosner won that case with such impressive style, that when another matter arose related to support payments for my oldest child, I again called on him to help. Once again he came through for me! I have been dealing with local family law Attorneys for over 10 years and have NEVER been pleased with the outcome of any hearing, until now. Attorney Rosner wins cases because he is intelligent, quick on his feet, professional and cares about each case. I highly recommend him and his staff! ~ Rich C.

~ Dr. John T.

I have been working with Attorney Anthony Rosner for both business and personal needs for the past 7 years. His legal knowledge is exceptional and diverse. I highly recommend him to all of my friends, family and patients regarding their legal needs. ~ Dr. John T. 

~ Dr. DJM.

I have worked with many attorney’s over thirty five years of practive. Attorney Anthony Rosner is the best I have ever worked with! His motto of ” The Attorney Who Calls You Back ” is true. I have had countless patients tell me how nice it is to have an attorney who will keep in touch with them. His service is remarkable!!! ~ Dr. DJM.

~ Marie C.

I was in a automobile accident and had many injuries and had no where to turn for legal help. Mr. Rosner took the time and professionalism to make sure all my legal needs were met and I had a great settlement. Thank you! ~ Marie C.

~ Elizabeth B.

I had a personal injury out of state. I had contacted many attorney’s and they showed no interest in my case. I was referred to Mr. Rosner by a friend and he was able to help me get a settlement. I am appreciative for the time and dedication he took to help me out! If I ever need an attorney again, he will be my go to attorney! ~ Elizabeth B.

~ Joshua M.

It is true that Mr. Rosner is the attorney that calls you back. I had a personal injury and had an attorney that would never call me back. Since I had changed to Mr. Rosner, I could not be happier. He took the time to help me navigate through the paper work involved with the injury. He was also able to get me a great settlement without going to court! ~ Joshua M.

~ Frank M.

I was arrested on suspicion of DUI in a speed trap zone. A trusted friend highly recommended Attorney Anthony Rosner after using his services for the past several years for his business and who is also a member of the local township board. I couldn’t be more pleased. He put me right at ease and not only dealt with the police in another municipality in a smooth and elegant manner, but was able to get them to drop two charges that would have surely cost more points on my license and an additional 30 day speeding suspension. He is sharp as a tack and smooth as silk in negotiating skills. Nicest family guy you’d ever want to meet to boot. Would never consider anyone else for any legal matter and prices well below what others quoted. ~ Frank M.

~ Doug P.

I recently had a falling out with my now ex-partner. The situation got ugly and I did not know what to do. My friend said call Anthony Rosner. I did and I not only received full attention to my legal issues I feel like Anthony took a thousand pound weight off of my shoulders. Anthony was able to get an understanding of the business and move forward almost immediately. To sum up my situation I just want to say Anthony is a professional, fair and honest. Thank you ~ Doug P.

~ B

I want to thank Tony for representing me when I ran into a small issue while pulled over by a police officer on Route 30. Tony represented me in court and he helped me understand the reality of the situation. Thanks to Tony and the influence of his family I have learned a most valuable lesson that has enabled me to lead a successful and happy life. Thanks Tony in a way you saved my life. ~ B