Workers Compensation Attorney


All too often, the security of your job and your family can come to an abrupt halt when injured while working. That is the very reason workers’ compensation exists – to help those workers who sustain an injury or a disease while on the job.

Workers’ compensation benefits may provide replacement income, medical expenses and sometimes vocational rehabilitation benefits, such as, on-the-job training, schooling or job placement assistance. You don’t have to navigate the system alone – our team of professional lawyers is ready to stand up for your rights.

The impact of a workers’ compensation claim goes far beyond hospital and doctor bills. It can also result in lost earnings, benefits and the ability to live as you once did. The best course of action is to seek an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as an injury occurs or as soon as you become aware of a workers’ compensation situation, such as diagnosis of a disease related to your workplace. Laws and regulation my have time limits for action; you could lose your rights by waiting.

Attorney Anthony L. Rosner represents injured worker’s obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, as well as defending against insurance companies attempting to terminate, suspend or modify lost wage benefits. I also represent injured workers who are not currently in litigation and negotiate lump sum settlements.

Whether you’ve been injured at work before or this is your first injury, you may have questions. We have compiled a list of the most common questions and hope they will answer some of your concerns.